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A Peek into Life in Sarjapur Road: Highlights of Bangalore's Popular Neighborhood

Are you considering moving to Sarjapur Road in Bangalore, India? If so, you may be wondering what the neighborhood has to offer in terms of schools, malls, and entertainment. As a popular residential and commercial area in the eastern part of Bangalore, Sarjapur Road has a lot to offer.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the neighborhood and explore its amenities, including top schools, malls, and entertainment options. Whether you're a family looking for good schools, or someone who enjoys shopping and leisure activities, you'll find plenty to love about Sarjapur Road. So, let's dive in and discover what makes this neighborhood such a great place to live.

Neighbourhood of Sarjapur Road

SThe area has experienced rapid development in recent years, and as a result, it offers a wide range of amenities and facilities for its residents. Keep reading to find out more about it.


In terms of schools, Sarjapur Road offers a variety of options for parents, including some of the best international schools in the city such as Harvest International School, Indus International School, and Delhi Public School. There are also many preschools, daycares, and after-school programs available for children.

Malls & Shopping

When it comes to malls and shopping centers, Sarjapur Road has no shortage of options. The Forum Mall, one of the most popular shopping destinations in Bangalore, is located on Hosur Road, just a short drive away from Sarjapur Road. Other shopping centers in the area include Total Mall, Central Mall, and Soul Space Arena. These malls offer a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, making them popular destinations for families and young professionals alike.


For healthcare, Sarjapur Road has many hospitals and medical centers, including Columbia Asia Hospital, Sakra World Hospital, and Narayana Health. These hospitals offer a wide range of medical services and are staffed by highly qualified doctors and medical professionals.

Tech Parks

Sarjapur Road is home to many thriving tech parks, including RMZ Ecoworld, Wipro Corporate Office, and RGA Tech Park. These tech parks offer a variety of job opportunities for IT professionals, making the neighborhood a popular choice for those in the tech industry.


Sarjapur Road has several movie theaters such as PVR Cinemas and Inox. Additionally, there are many parks and recreational areas in and around the neighborhood, including Kaikondrahalli Lake and Harlur Lake.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Sarjapur Road is a vibrant and rapidly developing neighborhood in Bangalore that offers its residents a wide range of amenities and facilities. Whether you are looking for top schools, modern malls, state-of-the-art hospitals, or a variety of entertainment options, Sarjapur Road has it all. Additionally, the neighborhood's proximity to many thriving tech parks makes it a popular choice for IT professionals looking for a great place to live and work.

Overall, Sarjapur Road is a great place to call home for families, young professionals, and anyone who values a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle. With its excellent schools, modern malls, top-notch healthcare facilities, and a wide range of entertainment options, there is something for everyone in this bustling and well-connected neighborhood. So if you are considering a move to Bangalore, be sure to add Sarjapur Road to your list of top neighborhoods to check out.

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